CarbonCure Expands Across Europe And To Africa

CarbonCure Celebrates 50M Cubic Yards Of Lower Carbon Concrete - Carbon Herald

CarbonCure is now removing CO2 on six continents with its recent deployment in Africa and the expansion of its presence in Europe. 

The company is a manufacturer of carbon removal and carbon utilization technologies that inject captured CO2 emissions into concrete, thus creating a valuable product and, at the same time, mitigating the building material’s notorious carbon intensity. 

CarbonCure’s technology is stackable and easy for concrete producers of any scale to integrate with their processes, which has recently led to the company’s expansion across Europe. 

The CarbonCure Ready Mix technology allows manufacturers to safely minimize the carbon footprint of their products, while maintaining the same levels of quality and performance.

Another unique technology offered by the company that can be used in combination with its Ready Mix is the CarbonCure Reclaimed Water technology, which helps bring down water costs and reduce emissions by injecting carbon dioxide into reclaimed water slurry. 

The first reclaimed water system of this kind to be installed outside North America is to be set up in Lyon, France. 

Meanwhile, this week at COP28, CarbonCure also announced the adoption of CarbonCure’s technologies in Benin and Gabon, thus marking its first deployments in Africa. 

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The announcement was made together with ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP), the developer and operator of world-class industrial ecosystems across Africa, who is integrating CarbonCure’s technologies into its concrete production process. 

Robert Niven, founder and CEO of CarbonCure, said: “Our entry into Africa marks a global milestone for CarbonCure with deployment on six continents. It further demonstrates the scale of our concrete decarbonization solution across the Global North and Global South. 

With surging growth and urbanization fueling new African construction and infrastructure projects, CarbonCure is honoured to lay the foundation for a greener built environment across the continent with ARISE IIP.”

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