CarbonCure Celebrates 50M Cubic Yards Of Lower Carbon Concrete

CarbonCure Celebrates 50M Cubic Yards Of Lower Carbon Concrete - Carbon Herald

CarbonCure Technologies, a climate tech company that provides a suite of carbon utilization technologies to the concrete industry, has announced a milestone, 50 million cubic yards (38 million cubic meters) of lower carbon concrete produced to date. That’s enough to completely fill the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium with concrete 13 times over.

This key milestone for CarbonCure comes as the company approaches another major benchmark: 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) reduced and removed from the atmosphere as a result of its technologies. That’s equal to the annual CO2 emissions from more than 88,000 cars. It’s also equivalent to the annual carbon sequestration of 477,000 acres of forest, enough to cover half the state of Rhode Island.

“Our customers are the real sustainability heroes, especially those earliest adopters who embraced CarbonCure and recognized the dual environmental and economic benefits of manufacturing green building materials,” said CarbonCure CEO Rob Niven. “Reaching 50 million cubic yards of lower carbon concrete underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates the tangible impact of innovative solutions in reducing carbon emissions.”

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According to CarbonCure’s real-time data from its network of systems, the 50 millionth cubic yard was manufactured by Pan-United in Singapore, CarbonCure’s first concrete producer partner outside North America and an industry pioneer celebrated for advancing sustainable concrete in Asia.

“We are very proud that we have produced CarbonCure’s 50 millionth cubic yard, delivering a lower carbon concrete product to our customers across Singapore,” said Ms May Ng, CEO of Pan-United. “We signed up with CarbonCure since 2018, inspired to build a more sustainable environment for future generations. We are looking forward to adopting more CCU solutions from CarbonCure to push for greater decarbonisation of the built environment using concrete.

Founded in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2012, CarbonCure aims to empower cement and concrete producers with technologies and strategies to achieve the industry’s net zero commitment by 2050.

CarbonCure’s most widely deployed solution injects captured CO2 into ready mix concrete during mixing where it immediately mineralizes and gets permanently embedded within the concrete. Even if that concrete is later demolished, the CO2 will never return to the atmosphere. This mineralization also increases the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling concrete producers to optimize cement content and reduce associated carbon emissions with no impact on the concrete’s performance.

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Today, more than 800 CarbonCure systems have been licensed to concrete producers across 35 countries and used in more than 6 million truckloads of lower carbon concrete, supplying thousands of sustainable construction projects of all scopes and sizes. And the impact of CarbonCure’s technologies only continues to grow: A third of CarbonCure’s concrete production and resulting CO2 savings to date occurred in just the past year.

Key CarbonCure milestones by the numbers:

  • 800+ systems licensed to concrete plants around the world
  • 6+ million truckloads of concrete delivered to date
  • 1.9 million truckloads of concrete delivered in the past 365 days
  • 50 million yd3 (38 million m3) of concrete produced to date
  • 398,000+ metric tons of CO2 saved to date—equal to the annual emissions from 88,000+ cars
  • 128,000+ metric tons of CO2 saved in the past 365 days
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