CarbonCapture Unveils First Mass-Producible Direct Air Capture System

CarbonCapture Unveils First Mass-Producible Direct Air Capture System - Carbon Herald
Source: Ruwad Al Karem from Pixabay

CarbonCapture Inc just revealed the Leo Series, marking a major breakthrough in the fight against climate change. This innovation is the first US-designed direct air capture (DAC) system built for large-scale production.

The Leo Series signifies a shift for the DAC industry, moving from research labs to real-world deployment.  

CarbonCapture will showcase a fully operational 12-reactor Leo Series module at a launch event near Los Angeles. 

Industry leaders will gather to celebrate this achievement and discuss its potential impact on the future of DAC, including:

  • Chris Neidl, The OpenAir Collective and Direct Air Capture Coalition
  • Bill Gross, CarbonCapture Inc. Chairman and Co-founder
  • Brad Crabtree, US Department of Energy Assistant Secretary
  • Jan Mazurek, Climateworks Senior Director
  • Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council President and CEO
  • Adrian Corless, CarbonCapture Inc. CEO
  • and others

Adrian Corless, CEO of CarbonCapture, stated, “The Leo Series represents a major achievement for CarbonCapture.”

“We’ve now developed a manufacturable product, built a full commercial supply chain, and established a facility for mass production—the combination of which allows us to introduce cost-saving improvements very quickly while also scaling up production. We’re seeing robust demand for our modules from both our company-owned projects fueled by carbon removal credit sales and external project developers.”

The Leo Series boasts industry-leading sorbents, enabling each module to capture over 500 tons of CO2 annually.  

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Thanks to its open architecture, modules can be upgraded with next-generation, higher-capacity sorbents as they become available, which minimizes obsolescence and lowers costs over time.

“What CarbonCapture Inc. is doing with its modular approach to direct air capture, and efforts to ramp up production of the technology and bring down costs, underscores the indispensable role of the private sector in developing and deploying carbon management at a scale needed to achieve a clean energy and industrial future,” said Brad Crabtree, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management. 

“Achieving our climate goals will require a domestic industrial renaissance, and CarbonCapture Inc. is a great example of the kind of homegrown, U.S.-based manufacturing that is central to President Biden’s Investing in America agenda.”

Mass Production for Cost Reduction

CarbonCapture aims to significantly reduce the cost of atmospheric carbon removal by creating and mass-producing modular DAC systems that can be combined into large arrays. 

The solar industry exemplifies how economies of scale can lead to substantial cost reductions. 

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Solar photovoltaic module costs have plummeted over 90% in the past two decades due to  high-volume manufacturing advancements.

By producing DAC modules at scale, CarbonCapture expects to achieve cost-savings through bulk material purchases, streamlined manufacturing, and spreading R&D costs across a larger number of units. 

This strategy should make their DAC modules significantly more affordable and accessible for widespread deployment.

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