Carbon180 Recommends Federal Procurement Policy Steps In A New Report

Carbon180 Recommends Federal Procurement Policy Steps In A New Report - Carbon Herald

Carbon180 – a new breed of NGO, supporting policy developments for the carbon removal industry, released a new report that aims to scale government participation in fostering progress for CDR deployment. 

The document titled “The Procurement Toolbox,” is a multi-year vision for an ambitious and effective set of policies to scale federal procurement of carbon removal. The report proposes 10 building blocks for policymakers to design an ambitious and effective set of procurement policies as a way to accelerate carbon removal deployment. 

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The recommendations stem from existing federal and state policies, and successful procurement methods from other sectors. They aim to leverage federal purchasing as a tool to send a demand signal for the market and inspire further participation. 

The first recommendation includes setting a procurement target or setting the procurement of certain tons of carbon removals annually. This approach could drive down costs, set high standards, and catalyze innovation in the market.

Other steps involve focus on innovation and fostering a diverse portfolio, establishing high standards for monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV), dedicated funding for complementary “pay-for-practice” cost-share payments – or procurement efforts should continually pay producers for adopting and sustaining carbon-removing practices rather than delivering quantifiable tons of removal. Another recommendation involves prohibiting projects that use CO2 in extraction or recovery of oil or gas. More about the recommendations can be found here.

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“With this latest report, Carbon180 continues to be the world’s leader in developing meaningful and thoughtful CDR policy. There is no doubt that the public sector will need to play an important role in fostering innovative and high-quality CDR activities. By following the recommendations provided in this report, federally-procured carbon removal will become the gold standard for the industry. I am also grateful for Carbon180’s support of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act, which seeks to align with many of the recommendations included in this important report,” commented Rep. Paul Tonko, coauthor of the Federal Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act.

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