Carbon180 Is Scaling Carbon Removal Through US Federal Policy

Carbon180 Is Scaling Carbon Removal Through US Federal Policy - Carbon Herald

Federal policy needs to be central to scaling the nascent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry, Erin Burns, the Executive Director of Carbon180, told the Carbon Herald during our interview on the Carbonsations podcast.

Cabron180 is a climate NGO like no other and is specifically focused on supporting CDR at the level of US federal policy. 

The organization has been hard at work trying to deepen the understanding of carbon removal and the urgent need for its adoption among legislators, policymakers and government agencies.

Carbon180’s efforts are directed towards helping funnel investments to the emerging industry and aid the establishment of frameworks that will support the development of carbon removal research, development and deployment at scale. 

And we are already beginning to see the fruits of these efforts, particularly with the amount of funding the US government has allocated for CDR in the last two years, as well as with the strong policy momentum in support of the industry.

Carbon180 has created tools that anyone can use to keep tabs on both policy and funding developments for carbon removal. Both tools, the Policy Tracker and Funding Tracker, are freely available on the organization’s website. 

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Another key component of the NGO’s work is taking into account what impact carbon removal projects will have on local communities and seeing to it that any injustices are duly addressed.

“A central part of what we do at Carbon180 is our environmental justice efforts and thinking about when these technologies and practices are deployed, how do you make sure that they are not only not furthering environmental injustice, but are helping address some of these injustices and support and empower communities,” Burns told Carbon Herald. 

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