Carbon13 Announces First Close Of €30M Climate Fund

Carbon13 Announces First Close Of €30M Climate Fund - Carbon Herald
Carbon13 Founders Jonathan Cumming, Nicky Dee, Michael Langguth. Credit: Carbon13

Venture builder with a focus on the climate crisis Carbon13 announced the first close of its €30 million (~$32.9 million) fund.

Founded in 2021 in the Cambridge tech ecosystem, Climate13 is dedicated to supporting climate tech companies and entrepreneurs that will help mitigate more than 400 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) per year by 2040. 

So far, the venture builder has already worked together with over 500 founders and brands across their programs, like, for example, Kita, Tierra Foods, Materials Nexus, Infyos, and others.

The venture builder was founded on the understanding that much of the world’s emissions reduction, avoidance and removal efforts will stem from entrepreneurs, which is why a significant emphasis is made on incorporating carbon reduction in the strategies of entrepreneurs and their startups. 

Carbon13 has two programs: Venture Builder in Cambridge and Berlin, and the Venture Launchpad.

Venture Builder is aimed at entrepreneurs, bringing together 80 founders to create teams and launch ventures. 

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Venture Launchpad supports newly formed startups at their earliest stages of development and provides them with valuable networking opportunities. 

The €30 million close will go towards the funding of six German startups, each of which will receive an investment of €120,000 (~$131,800), marking Carbon13’s first ever investments outside the UK.

Dr Nicky Dee, co-founder and CEO of Carbon13 said: “We continue to see the results from combining world-leading talent and ingenuity with a burning passion to combat the climate.”

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