Carbon Unbound Europe Tickets Are Now On Sale

Carbon Unbound Europe Tickets Are Now On Sale - Carbon Herald

Carbon Unbound Europe – one of the most popular and senior carbon removal summits is returning for its Europe’s addition in London to gather industry leaders and foster collaborations. 400 business leaders, investors, buyers and policy makers will come to London to discuss the future of carbon removal. 

Tickets for the event are now on sale. The two-day summit will take place in London from September 11 till 12, 2024. Super early bird and early bird tickets are both still available although super early birds are in limited supply. 

The event will not be streamed online so organizers welcome participants to dive into two days of creative discussions, talks, in-person meetings and networking on the spot. 

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Some of the themes to be covered this year include – venture capital where attendees can hear from investors and financiers about current trends, buying carbon removals: the critical and urgent role of offtakes where demand trends and the need for more buyers will be discussed and Europe vs. North America – what is gaining ground in Europe, and is direct air capture falling behind.

As a leading conference in the carbon removal industry, Carbon Unbound Europe is a critical intersection between inspirational ideas and projects, and actions being driven towards their scale-up and execution. Gathering people who represent the actions is a powerful way to move the industry forward.

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