Carbon Trade Exchange & UNFCCC CDM Renew Partnership

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) & UNFCCC CDM Renew Partnership - Carbon Herald

For over 15 years Carbon Trade exchange (CTX) has ridden the market waves of the Voluntary Carbon Markets – from the heights of Booms to the destructive storms of the Global Financial Crisis and Pandemic lockdowns. In October 2023 the market hit what Global Experts believe was rock bottom – and the Rebound is on according to CTX CEO Wayne Sharpe.

In 2013, CTX engaged in negotiations to link with the UNFCCC CDM Registry, and in 2017 that partnership many years in the making was activated, and has changed the face of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) globally. Since then, CTX has led the world to allow the world’s first Carbon Credit program (Clean Development Mechanism – Certified Emission Reductions) to provide the Highest Quality offsets on earth to companies and brokers globally. UNFCCC CDM is still the leading credit standard and the benchmark for everyone since.

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Terms like ‘High Quality’ are lately used to justify anything new interpretations of other standards – CDM needs no such additional recognition. Thanks to this partnership with CTX, millions of dollars in additional Climate Finance have flowed to projects worldwide that were in recent years progressively excluded from regulated markets such as the EUETS. While many projects have migrated credits to other voluntary programs, and these ‘Double Certified’ credits sell on CTX at higher prices , the CDM is still the benchmark for Project and Program Methodologies – the basis for most of the other Credit Standards worldwide.

Sparks of positive life leapt onto CTX late October and this week, after months of negativity, driven by certain media, and bizarrely some exchanges and trading platforms constantly publishing plummeting numbers or statistics and ever lower trade results. At CTX, with our Glass more than half full and the pot boiling, those sparks look seems to turn into a blazing recovery in the lead up to December.

“We are incredibly proud to extend our Agreement with the UNFCCC CDM Registry again”, said CTX CEO and Founder Wayne Sharpe. He added, “Carbon Trade eXchange will continue to support the registry and the CDM program and any future renditions of it”.

The technology and the interface are all designed and delivered by Global Environmental Markets, the CTX parent company in Australia.

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