Carbon RX Receives Approval For It Carbon Credits From Pure Sky Carbon Registry

Carbon RX Receives Approval For It Carbon Credits From Pure Sky Carbon Registry - Carbon Herald

Carbon RX Inc is pleased to announce the approval of its inaugural nature-based Carbon Credit Project, “The Carbon RX Canadian Prairies Cropland Project,” by the Pure Sky Registry, LLC. This project, located on Treaty 4 Territory in Saskatchewan, Canada, is projected to sequester approximately 1.5 million tonnes of carbon over the 20-year project.

Through the Pure Sky approval, the project provides quality carbon credits for international buyers in the voluntary carbon market supporting farming practices committed to carbon removals and reductions.

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“The approval of our project validates the importance of Canadian agriculture in the global carbon offset market,” said Marty Seymour, CEO of Carbon RX and founding member of Pure Sky.
“Agricultural practices are the ideal instrument to sequester carbon in the soil. Farmers are looking for ways to participate in the carbon markets through their regenerative practices and Pure Sky offers an ideal standard for this project.”

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The project combines minimal tillage with reduced nitrogen fertilizer and fuel usage, enhancing soil carbon storage and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. The unique nature of the project is the inclusion of First Nation and non-First Nation farmed lands.

“We are proud to have the Carbon RX Canadian Prairies Cropland Project as the first to receive our approval,” commented Shidan Gouran, Co-Founder and Member of Pure Sky. “This approval marks a significant moment for Pure Sky, showcasing our commitment to setting high standards within the carbon registry sector and supporting credible, high-quality carbon offset projects using blockchain technology.”

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Like all voluntary carbon registries, the Pure Sky standard requires projects to adhere to the rigorous ISO 14064 standards, including third-party validation, as a criterion for approval. Pure Sky’s unique ddecentralizedand open voting system provides transparent and timely approvals of carbon projects with all carbon credits tracked on a digital ledger.

According to a 2023 report by Morgan Stanley, the voluntary carbon-offset market is projected to expand from about $2 billion in 2022 to approximately $100 billion by 2030 and $250 billion by 2050. Initiatives like the Canadian Prairies Cropland Project will contribute to this growth, offering scalable and effective solutions for carbon sequestration globally.

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