Carbon Removals At COP Unveils Interactive World Map Of CDR Projects

Carbon Removals At COP Unveils Interactive World Map Of CDR Projects - Carbon Herald

Today, Carbon Removals at COP released its new interactive map showcasing all carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects deployed around the world. 

This new tool provides a very convenient overview of 134 current carbon removal projects from 35 different countries, 21 of which are in the global south. with the aim of educating and inspiring visitors.

Titled Carbon Removals around the World, the map encompasses all carbon removal approaches, ranging from carbon farming and algae sinking to engineered solutions like direct air capture (DAC). 

Visitors will be able to not only gain an understanding of carbon removal’s geography, but also get up close and personal with each project, as the map reveals the stories of the people behind them.

The launch for a map like this is largely dictated by the desire to bring about more clarity around carbon removals, as mentioned by Chris Neidl, co-founder of OpenAir Collective, a volunteer group focused on developing carbon reduction solutions.

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In a comment on the new release, Neidl said: “There is still so much confusion and skepticism surrounding carbon removals, and the headwinds caused by this remain one of the biggest inhibitors to the sector’s takeoff and scale. 

Much of this is rooted in a persistent sense that this essential part of the climate solution is at best an abstract matter for the future, or present day smoke and mirrors perpetrated by bad actors. This atlas really came from a powerful urge to challenge those perceptions in as clear and accessible of a way possible, by showing how real removal already is at this still very early stage in its history. We think that a map of real CDR projects and the people behind them is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.”

Carbon Removals around the World was developed together with Tank Chen and with the help of data from

As the map on the Carbon Removal at COP website will be maintained and updated indefinitely, projects that wish to be added to it may submit their requests by filling out this form.

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