Carbon Removals At COP Is A New Initiative Covering All CDR Events During COP27

Carbon Removals At COP Is A New Initiative Covering All CDR Events During COP27 - Carbon Herald
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People in the carbon removal space are coming together to spread information about the relevant news and developments during the long-awaited climate change major conference COP27. 

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions Team, Carbon Gap, Open Air Collective, Rethinking Removals, Carbon Business Council, South Pole and the DAC Coalition are launching CARBON REMOVALS AT COP – a website that covers all carbon dioxide removal news, events and developments during COP27 at Egypt. 

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The website is a collaborative effort composed of volunteers, NGOs, and practitioners from across the carbon removal ecosystem that want to contribute to solving climate change. Funding for the initiative comes exclusively from philanthropic climate foundations.

The goal is to introduce people to what is happening in the world of carbon removals – the science, the technology, the places, motivations and approaches that are working to ensure a livable world and driving the evolution of carbon removals today.

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The carbon removal space is young but very fast growing and includes climate companies, startups, tech leaders, climate activists, creative policy-makers, pioneering mayors, carbon market developers and leaders in hard-to-abate industries. 

The participants in CARBON REMOVALS AT COP are trying to identify new solutions and ways of rewiring the global economy to limit temperature rise and preserve a stable planet for our collective future.

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