Carbon Removal Companies Can Now Be Found Easier Thanks To Carbon Removers

Carbon Removal Companies Can Now Be Found Easier Thanks To Carbon Removers - Carbon Herald

Carbon Removers is a new platform where carbon capture companies, buyers, utilizers, investors, and NGOs are listed and now can find each other much easier. It is a public database of the companies accelerating carbon removal (and utilization).

The initiative was founded by Sourceful – an end-to-end platform for sustainable sourcing and Eka Ventures – a venture capital firm based in London. The goal of the platform is to increase transparency and encourage collaboration between stakeholders within the carbon dioxide removal landscape. People can also take part by giving suggestions for organizations that could be added to the directory. 

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Carbon Removers aims to solve a critical problem in the industry. New entrants often lack visibility and exposure which could contribute to investors missing out on potential groundbreaking technologies that could provide carbon removal at scale. 

A directory solves the issue of finding carbon capture organizations, which is getting more and more challenging as the ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace. Carbon Removers could also help companies in the space connect with each other easier. 

Capture companies or carbon removal companies would be able to find all CO2 utilization and storage companies that they could potentially partner with, not just a handful. Buyers would be able to assess all carbon dioxide removal offsets, not just those with a marketing budget. Investors would meet and invest in more promising projects, not just the ones that have come out of stealth.

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As there is no single carbon removal technology that can deliver all the removals the planet requires to address accelerating climate change, the world needs an ecosystem of carbon capture, utilization, storage, and offsets players. All of them together could potentially deliver the CO2 removal at scale that is necessary.

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