Carbon Markets Innovation Forum Adds Cloverly And Supercritical As Founding Members

Carbon Markets Innovation Forum Adds Cloverly And Supercritical As Founding Members - Carbon Herald

The Carbon Markets Innovation Forum (CMIF) – the newly launched initiative aiming to unite startups to ensure they take part in the UK Government’s policymaking process regarding carbon markets, has welcomed the addition of Cloverly and Supercritical as founding members.

The Carbon Markets Innovation Forum (CMIF) was founded in October 2023 by the Startup Coalition to make sure innovative startups, involved in the end-to-end supply and demand of carbon credits, can feed into the UK Government’s forthcoming focus on the carbon markets. 

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According to the coalition, the Forum will meet at least quarterly and is open to any startups across the world active in the carbon markets in the UK.

The addition of Cloverly and Supercritical completes the founding steering committee, comprised of leading organizations in the carbon markets scene, which will provide strategic direction to the CMIF and support to the Startup Coalition.

On joining the forum, Supercritical’s CEO Michelle You commented: “We need to remove 10 billion tonnes of CO2 from the air each year by 2050 to stay below 1.5C of warming. To do this, the voluntary carbon removal industry needs to scale by 14,000x in the next 27 years. We can’t wait for the government to act and businesses are already leading the way. Supercritical’s mission is to make a portfolio of high-quality carbon removal offsets accessible to any business right now. It’s a privilege to join an ambitious coalition of startups where we’re all working to achieve humanity’s shared target of net zero by 2050.”

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According to Cloverly’s GM, Ross S. commented on the importance of the voluntary carbon market in combating climate change whose full potential is not yet unlocked. “Dialogue with policymakers, industry, and government is key to creating a path to mass corporate adoption hitting gigatonne scale by 2050. Our mission at Cloverly is to bring trust, ease, access, and infrastructure to the VCM. Equally, the Carbon Markets Innovation Forum is markedly similar in driving this agenda and we are proud to be a founding member to support that change.”

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