Carbon Market Exchange Announces $100M Offering In Carbon Offsets

Carbon Market Exchange Announces $100M Offering In Carbon Offsets - Carbon Herald
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Carbon Market Exchange, Ltd. (CMX) announced its $100 million initial offering in carbon offsets powered by DealMaker’s technology.

DealMaker is an innovative capital raising platform based in Toronto, Canada, and Carbon Market Exchange is a global leader in bringing together the financial services sector and climate action. 

In doing so, CMX has helped bring global conservation efforts to a new level with the help of market-based climate solutions. 

CMX’ CEO Shenna Fortner expressed the company’s excitement to enhance support for carbon offsets that will both bring financial success and help conserve resources that will benefit the environment. 

“There is incredible value in protecting carbon-rich and biodiverse hotspots and their communities, while providing a counter-balance to global pollution,” Fortner said. 

As one of today’s largest companies dedicated to nature-based carbon markets, CMX has negotiated carbon offsets of over 1.25 million hectares of Tanzania and Borneo with many more projects in other parts of the world underway.

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