Carbon Herald Launches Its Carbonsations Podcast!

Carbon Herald Launches The Carbonsations Podcast! - Carbon Herald

Today, Carbon Herald is pleased to announce the official launch of its very own podcast – Carbonsations.

The Carbonsations podcast will focus on the carbon industry’s leading figures, including company founders, CEO’s, and other prominent individuals driving the transition to a net zero economy. 

Each episode will focus on the professional background of one individual and their journey to and through the carbon industry. Thus, through the lens of personal stories in areas like science, policy, and entrepreneurship, our podcast will try to make all the different fields of the exciting new sector more relatable to a wider audience of listeners. 

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The idea of starting Carbonations was born as an obvious step up from the many interviews Carbon Herald has conducted over the past year or so.

Throughout the numerous different conversations we have had with some of the most fascinating stakeholders in the carbon industry, a need to share these talks in a more natural and accessible format gradually became apparent.

Hosting Carbonsations is Violet George, a writer and journalist with the Carbon Herald. Violet has been focused on all things carbon capture and removal and brings with her a rich experience in international communications and a genuine interest in people. 

As we celebrate the launch of the new show, we’d like to present the first three episodes that are already live and can be heard on Spotify right now. 

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Our debut episode features Hannes Juninger, the CEO and co-founder of carbon removal marketplace Carbonfuture. During this first episode we discuss what inspired Hannes to found the company, what challenges he faced along the way, as well as what his thoughts on the most promising carbon removal methods today are. 

Next, we sat down with Rachel Delacour, the CEO and co-founder of Sweep, which is currently among the most sophisticated tools for corporate emission management. Rachel shared with us her path leading up to carbon accounting, as well as some of the things the company itself does to stay on top of its own carbon footprint. 

Last but not least, we were joined by Dr. Leah Ellis, founder and CEO of Sublime Systems, a company that specializes in low-carbon cement. During our conversation, we touched on the many specifics of cement production, as well as what it will take for the greener alternative to the most popular building material to scale. 

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