Carbon Gap Launches New Carbon Removal Policy Tracker For Europe

Carbon Gap Launches New Carbon Removal Policy Tracker For Europe - Carbon Herald
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Climate not-for-profit organization Carbon Gap has launched what it calls the Carbon Removal Policy Tracker – a free platform to help navigate all things carbon removal policy in Europe. 

The aim of the new platform is to provide a useful overview of all European government and legislation programs that have to do with carbon dioxide removal or CDR. 

The Carbon Removal Policy Tracker is a tool that can be used both by businesses and policymakers, as well as by non-profit organizations and regular citizens, who are concerned for the environment. 

On the platform, users can gain access to actionable information on current and proposed national policies across the Old World, as well as on the process of shaping these policies. 

What’s more, the Carbon Policy Tracker can offer those interested in also being involved in this process with a clearer idea of how to do so, for example, by offering updates on specific legislation and its progress, as well as by highlighting active consultations.

Carbon Gap is also open to suggestions and contributions from users to help improve the platform and genuinely make it a collaborative effort and increase the levels of engagement in the CDR policy space.

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Policy changes and involvement in the process of forming legal frameworks is necessary in order to drive meaningful impact on the climate crisis and ensure that nations and governments can meet their net-zero objectives. 

Essentially, policy is what can help increase funding for research and innovation in the carbon removal space, as well as implement quality standards and methodologies to verify CDR solutions. 

Policy changes is also what is needed to start introducing carbon removal at scale, with long-term deployment incentives, as well as mandates to remove more CO2 than you emit. 

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