Carbon Engineering To Produce Fuel From Air In Canada

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Carbon Engineering, together with partners Huron Clean Energy (Huron), Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and The Upper Nicola Band have announced that preliminary engineering on the large-scale, commercial Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility for the production of fuel from air in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, has commenced. 

The proposed facility is set to capture CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere and use them to produce transportation fuel. It is being designed to run on Carbon Engineering’s proprietary Direct Air Capture and AIR TO FUELSTM technologies. 

Estimates are for the facility to produce as much as 100 million litres of ultra-low carbon fuel per year. 

The plant is set to rely on B.C.’s clean hydroelectricity, and, thus, it will combine the CO2 it captures from the air with hydrogen in order to deliver renewable fuels, such as diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. These new fuels are expected to emit up to 90% less carbon dioxide than their conventional alternatives that are currently used in most airplanes, trucks, ships and other commercial means of transportation.

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But what’s more, the use of renewable low-carbon fuels does not call for any modifications in said means of transportation, which will make for an easy transition.

There is tremendous potential for the application for such fuels, even as a complement to electric vehicles in transport sectors where access to electricity is very limited or non-existent. Today these sectors, such as shipping and aviation, still heavily rely on liquid fuels that could very well be replaced by the ones to be produced in B.C.

The project has already received funding from the B.C. Government’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund of a total of $2 million for the initial design work. And the federal government will also be heavily involved in tracking and monitoring the engineering work, as part of the project evaluation. 

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The plant is expected to create thousands of jobs for the local community during its construction phase and hundreds of high-paying ones for the facility once it becomes operational.

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