Carbon Emissions From London Waste To Be Buried Under North Sea

Carbon Emissions From London Waste To Be Buried Under North Sea - Carbon Herald
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Carbon emissions, one of the byproducts of burning garbage at incineration plants in London, will be stored thousands of meters underground in the Norwegian North Sea. 

UK waste management and recycling company Cory has signed a memorandum of understanding with Norway’s Northern Lights carbon capture and storage project, as announced by the Norwegian government.

According to the deal, Cory will capture carbon emissions at London plans and transport them in liquid form from the River Thames to a pipeline terminal in the North Sea that connects to infrastructure in Norway. 

The Scandinavian country aims to become a leader in CO2 storage and use its expertise in oil and gas to offer permanent storage underground to European organizations.

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While the technology is not yet scalable on industry level, it is expected to have an important role in the fight against the climate crisis in the upcoming years. 

According to the agreement, Norway will store about 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide 1.6 miles underneath the North Sea by the end of this decade. The Northern Lights Project is expected to start operations in 2024 and become the first cross-border network for CO2 transport and storage. 

The plan was announced on May 13 at the Norwegian Embassy in the UK capital but no financial details were revealed. Norwegian PM Jonas Gahr and UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng were both present at the event. 

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