Carbon Direct Locks In $60M In New Funding Round

Carbon Direct Locks In $60M In New Funding Round - Carbon Herald
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Carbon Direct, Inc. – the end-to-end carbon management company and software provider, announces a $60 million funding round led by Decarbonization Partners and Quantum Energy Partners.

The investment round is a major milestone in the company’s efforts to lead the industry in creating quality criteria for carbon credits, reducing supply chain emissions, and facilitating large-scale carbon credit and removal initiatives. 

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Carbon Direct plans to use the capital to continue investing in its science-based carbon management platform and applying its rigorous science-first approach when consulting on reducing carbon emissions. 

“The transition to a net zero reality requires organizations to act boldly in managing their carbon emissions… Carbon Direct, Inc. brings together a unique combination of science and software, enabling organizations to implement highly effective climate action at scale. We are pleased to support the company’s science-based approach to carbon management and we see a significant opportunity to build on the company’s strong existing momentum,” said Dr. Meghan Sharp, Global Head of Decarbonization Partners. 

Jeffrey Harris who oversees Quantum’s Innovation Fund also commented on the latest funding round of the company. He claims that the combination of science and market expertise uniquely positions Carbon Direct to enable organizations to manage their carbon emissions and thus have a meaningful impact on climate change. 

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Carbon Direct also recently announced its new partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – one of the leading management consulting firms, to advance scientific experience and technology for carbon reduction, removal, and utilization. 

It is making major steps in the flight towards mitigating the climate change crisis. The world would need to replace all emission generators with net zero alternatives and remove vast amounts of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Urgent climate actions are critical to ensure sustainability stays at the core of today’s economic development.

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