Carbon Direct And BCG Partner to Facilitate First-Rate Carbon Reduction

Carbon Direct And BCG Partner to Facilitate First-Rate Carbon Reduction - Carbon Herald

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which is among the leading management consulting firms globally, has partnered with Carbon Direct, a carbon management company that brings together scientific experience and technology for carbon reduction, removal, and utilization.

Navigating the many solutions on the market is becoming increasingly difficult for both the public and private sectors. To tackle this challenge, BCG and Carbon Direct’s strategic partnership aims to bring together BCG’s Center for Climate and Sustainability, and Carbon Direct’s scientific proficiency in carbon management through software and advisory solutions. 

With a platform backed by more than 40 of the world’s foremost climate scientists, Carbon Direct offers expertise in all aspects of carbon management.

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“Carbon Direct has a critical understanding of carbon reduction, removal, and utilization technologies,” said Hubertus Meinecke, global head of Climate & Sustainability at BCG. “Our partnership brings together climate and sustainability expertise with a scalable carbon purchasing platform to help organizations account for their carbon emissions and, from there, reduce and neutralize them.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that to bring global warming to 1.5°C, the global industry needs to remove between 100 and 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide during this century. Thus, organizations have begun purchasing voluntary carbon credits, in turn financially supporting removal projects.  

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According to Carbon Direct’s CEO Jonathan Goldberg, many of the solutions needed to address the climate change challenge are already in hand. 

“What we need to do now is mobilize these solutions with an eye towards both quality and scale. That is the goal of our partnership with BCG, to chart a path for organizations around the world to meet their net-zero targets and drive real climate impact,” explained Mr Goldberg.

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Carbon Direct and BCG partnership combine the scientific and technical expertise of the two management companies to green the global economy. As the world would need to remove vast amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, strategic partnerships aiming to fulfill clients’ decarbonization needs are critical for this decade to accelerate the path towards net zero.

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