Carbon Collective Launches Its Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Investing

Carbon Collective Launches Its Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Investing - Carbon Herald

The roadmap to a truly net zero future is getting crystal clear. Carbon Collective – the investing advisor offering 100% climate solutions-focused investment services, announces the launch of its book-length the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing.

The guidelines aim to increase individual investors’ awareness and ability to solve climate change through sustainable investing decisions. 

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing provides profound depth and clarity on details about climate change causes and respective solutions. At the core of the company’s strategy for addressing climate change effectively lies the idea that investing is the only realistic path to solving climate change.

Capital inflows follow the investment path that promises the greatest profits/ returns, so the value proposition of climate change investing needs stronger visibility and advocacy. Wall Street often does not aim to talk about why your investments as an individual matter and rarely discusses how sustainable investing will be a smart investment strategy over the coming decades.

Many of the companies providing real climate change solutions also represent one of the greatest most profitable investments for the short, medium, and long run. The guide explains the depths of why putting money aside for climate change investing isn’t charity anymore but in fact, most of it is already profitable and provides a lucrative investment.

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According to Carbon Collective’s Ultimate Guide, the current rate of investing in climate solutions is three to eight times lower than what the world needs to achieve the target of “turning off the tap” or stopping emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

The globe invested ~$600 billion into climate solutions in 2019 but what is needed is closer to $5.2 trillion per year into climate solutions. Fortunately, filling the investment gap is possible as sustainable investing is bringing an increasing amount of profits and it will be a smart investing strategy over the next decade at least.

The guide also goes through the physics of climate change and suggests three ways to solve it: 

  • Stop adding excess carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere – an approach the company calls “turn off the faucet”.
  • Protect the remaining natural systems and start regrowing as many as we can to increase our planet’s natural carbon-carrying capacity – known as “expand the tub”.
  • Mop up the excess, ancient carbon dioxide until atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have returned to pre-industrial levels or “mop up the mess”.

Climate change is essentially explained using a bathtub analogy where the tap is compared to emitting greenhouse gases and the first step is turning off that tap. That is projected by Carbon Collective to be happening over the next thirty years. 

Since the tub is already overloaded with water – the planet is compared to an overflowing bathtub, humanity needs to increase its carbon sink capacity by protecting and expanding natural ecosystems and developing technological carbon removal solutions. 

The third step is to mop the water already leaked all around the floor or mop the mess. Climate change cannot be rebalanced without pulling out the historic greenhouse emissions that have been piling up in the upper atmospheric levels. 

Solving the daunting problem of climate change involves increasing financial illiteracy and unlocking the potential of all companies that develop true climate change solutions.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing also follows the launch of the inaugural Climate Index in 2021 of Carbon Collective and the employer 401(k) sustainable plan for businesses, offered in March 2022. 

They are part of the company’s overarching theory of change of divesting from industries that rely on fossil fuels, reinvesting in companies building climate solutions, and pressuring companies to decarbonize faster.

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Investing is a must-read for every investor interested to support the true path toward decarbonization as well as those investors looking to find the most profitable assets to grow their portfolio.

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