Carbon Clean to Build New Carbon Capture Plant in India

Carbon Clean to Build New Carbon Capture Plant in India - Carbon Herald

Carbon Clean, one of the world’s leading carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and separation technology suppliers, will be working together with Green Power International to build a new carbon capture plant in India.

The contract was won by Green Power International from NTPC, India’s largest electric utility company, as the state-owned power supplier has committed to capturing carbon dioxide from waste flue gases. Furthermore, NTPC aims to utilize the captured CO2 emissions for the production of organic and inorganic chemicals, liquid fuels, and more.

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As a result, the new carbon capture installation is set to be built in NTPC’s CO2 to Methanol demonstration plant, directly in its flue gas stack to capture emissions as they are emitted from the boiler. Once up and running, the plant is expected to capture as much as 20 tonnes of carbon per day.

This wouldn’t be NTPC’s first carbon capture and utilization (CCU) project. In fact, the electricity giant is involved in several other CCU projects at once, in which technology is used to convert the captured CO2 into other resources.

Hence, this latest joint endeavor with Carbon Clean in India is further testament to NTPC’s valuable contribution to creating a sustainable carbon economy.

Carbon Clean has been very active recently, as they secured funding from Cemex in early August, as well as a partnership with Liquid Wind for another new carbon capture plant.

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