Carbon Clean And Liquid Wind Partner In A New Carbon Capture Plant Development

Carbon Clean And Liquid Wind Partner In A New Carbon Capture Plant Development - Carbon Herald

Carbon Clean, an international company specializing in CO2 separation technologies, partners with Liquid Wind – a Swedish renewable methanol producer, for the development of a carbon capture plant deployed on a green methanol production facility. 

The company is building a green methanol plant in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, that is due to be completed in 2024. It will produce 50,000 million tons of methanol per year using the 70,000 tons of CO2 emissions captured by Carbon Clean technology. What is unique about the company is that it produces methanol using wind energy in the process instead of fossil fuels. 

The emissions are captured from the biogenic process and then combined with renewable hydrogen to create the liquid green methanol fuel. It is often used as a marine fuel by the shipping industry that aims to decarbonize the emissions from its operations. 

“Carbon neutral fuel is an incredibly compelling prospect, and it’s exciting to partner and have invested in another high-growth business in Liquid Wind to help further accelerate the reduction of total carbon emissions,” said Aniruddha Sharma, CEO of Carbon Clean. “We are now demonstrating how carbon capture can be a source of value creation,” he added.

According to Liquid Wind, green methanol reduces emissions by 94% compared to fossil fuels. Regular methanol is still less carbon intensive than natural gas or coal but the company takes it one step further and uses wind energy and carbon capture plant for deep decarbonization of the production process. 

Future Liquid Wind Partnerships

Liquid Wind is also in advanced discussions with a potential client – the shipping company AP Moller – Maersk that wants to run carbon neutral ships in 2023.

Carbon Clean is one of the carbon capture companies that proves carbon recycling offers great potential. CO2 could be used for utilization in various products supplying a variety of industries. The clean fossil fuel technology is accelerating as many companies decide to invest in their net zero future and reduce their overall emissions. 

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