Carbon Centric Launches It’s First Carbon Capture Project In Iceland

Carbon Centric Launches Its First Carbon Capture Project In Iceland - Carbon Herald
Digital model of the carbon capture plant in 3D (Photo: Carbon Centric)

Yesterday Carbon Centric and waste incineration and management company Kalka announced they will be installing a carbon capture installation at the only waste inciniretor in Iceland. This becomes Carbon Centric’s first project outside of their home country of Norway.

The project aims to be fully operational in 2025, when it will be able to capture ~10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year from the incineration plant in Reykjanesbær annually.

“Iceland is an ideal location for carbon capture due to good energy availability, local storage opportunities and local CO2 use applications. We are happy to collaborate with Kalka to add carbon capture to Iceland’s only waste incinerator,” says Fredrik Häger, CEO at Carbon Centric.

Fredrik Häger from Carbon Centric (left) together with Steinþór Þórðarson from Kalka (right) (Photo: Carbon Centric)

Kalka recycles waste from the international airport nearby, as well as non-recyclable waste from the surrounding municipilaties. With the help of this new process, which separates carbon dioxide from flue gas, waste heat can be rediricted towards converting CO2 into either a commodity that has a market price, or that can be sequestered.

“Over the past 3-4 years carbon capture has changed from a footnote to a headline in the waste incineration discussion. Carbon Centric is doing very important work by taking the concept from R&D to commercially viable solutions. Of course it’s very exciting for us to have an opportunity to be early adopters of this technology. There is no doubt in my mind that a few years down the line there will not be an incineration plant in the world that’s not capturing its CO2,” says Steinþór Þórðarson, Managing Director at Kalka.

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Carbon Centric will build, own, and operate the capture plant in Iceland, bringing the total number of announced projects in their portfolio to four.

Back in August 2022 the company announced they will install Europe’s first CO2 capture system on a bio-incineration plant. There was another project announcement last year, when November saw the signing of a letter of intent with Eidsiva Bioenergi – Norway’s third largest district heating supplier, for a carbon capture system on the waste incineration plant at the Trehøringen Energy Center in Hamar, Norway.

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