Carbon Capture Technology Expo Staring October 20th

Carbon Capture Technology Expo Event This October - Carbon Herald

The world’s biggest carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) event called Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe is happening October 20-21, 2021 in Messe Bremen, Germany. More than 100 exhibitors will participate, presenting the latest advances in new carbon capture technologies, as well as unique ways of utilizing CO2 for manufacturing processes.

The event is also dedicated to discussing the increasing role that CCUS will play in the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, so over 90 speakers are expected to attend. 

Companies from all over the world can meet pioneering CCS technology to find new suppliers and engineering partners, hear the latest research in the conference, and network with leading industry experts.

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The event will discuss key topics like the latest innovation in the CCUS space, components, materials, testing solutions, as well as how CCS is used to decarbonize hard to abate industries. It will explain the types of capture technologies – pre-combustion, post-combustion, and oxyfuel combustion. 

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Some other utilization purposes like enhanced oil recovery and bioenergy with CCS and hot topics like direct air capture will also be debated. The scale-up and commercialization of CCUS is also a critical point, along with the development of transportation networks for widespread deployment, regulatory issues and government support. 

The participants will talk about the new technologies for separating CO2 from industrial gas processes, storing CO2 permanently underground and market opportunities, unlocking the potential of CCS.

The Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe will also take place alongside the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe that will gather speakers and sponsors from the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

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