Carbon Capture Scotland To Capture 1M Tons Of CO2

Carbon Capture Scotland To Capture 1M Tons Of CO2 - Carbon Herald
Source: Swen Stroop via Shutterstock

UK-based Carbon Capture Scotland announced its plans to help decarbonize the distillery industry by capturing 1 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2030. 

The emissions captured from the fermentation processes associated with distilleries will either be utilized further or stored permanently away via injection in geological formations. 

The Scottish company has said it will use the carbon capture technology from Airco Process Technology (APT), a supplier form Denmark. 

However, it will handle the full carbon capture value chain, from construction and operation all the way to transportation and storage. 

Carbon Capture Scotland was formerly known as Dry Ice Scotland, prior to rebranding in 2022, which marked the expansion of the company’s scope to include CO2 capture and other related activities. 

At the moment, the company is already successfully capturing 10,000 tons of CO2 each year and its partnership with APT will allow it to scale its operations and reach the targeted 1 million tons by the end of the decade. 

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