Carbon Capture Scotland Snags Another Ex-Storegga Executive

Carbon Capture Scotland Snags Another Ex-Storegga Executive - Carbon Herald

Carbon Capture Scotland, the leader in biogenic CO₂ capture, has announced the appointment of former Storegga executive Raphael Pfaeltzer as Director of Storage. 

Pfaeltzer, who holds a BA from Heriott-Watt University as well as an MBA from the London Business School, is the second former Storegga executive to join the team in recent months.

He said: “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be joining Carbon Capture Scotland – the solutions offered are leading the way in biogenic carbon capture and are making a real impact on businesses invested in getting to net zero.

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Throughout my career, I’ve seen the transformation of emission reduction go from being a peripheral sustainability concern to a central strategic imperative. Carbon Capture Scotland is ideally placed to capitalise on this across a range of industries.”

The business, set up in 2012 by brothers Ed and Richard Nimmons, captures carbon created as a by-product of agricultural processes. It currently uses this carbon to create dry ice for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In the future, the firm will also be storing captured CO₂ in addition to utilisation.

Richard Nimmons said: “Raphael possesses extensive expertise in tackling the commercial, regulatory, and practical challenges inherent in permanent CO2 storage — the essential blend that is needed to reach genuine carbon removal. We are thrilled he has come aboard and we know he is going to make a real difference in our mission to help Scotland reach it’s ambitious carbon removal targets.” 

Carbon Capture Scotland secured a seven-figure investment deal from Steyn Group to facilitate further growth earlier this year, and announced a partnership with Whyte & Mackay in August. The deal, part of the firm’s Project Nexus, aims to remove one million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere per year by 2030.

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