Carbon Capture Scotland Secures Pioneering European Storage Project

Carbon Capture Scotland, a leader in engineered carbon removal solutions, has announced a significant milestone in its climate change mitigation efforts. Together with its partner Landwärme, one of Europe’s leading biomethane suppliers, based in Germany, Carbon Capture Scotland has successfully secured substantial CO2 storage volumes at the Stenlille site in Denmark, a major step in its ongoing commitment to pioneering biogenic carbon removal and storage technologies.

With its anticipated opening date of April 2026, the Stenlille project will be one of Europe’s first CO2 sequestration sites, which makes it a key strategic asset in the European carbon capture and storage landscape. 

This collaboration will enable the two market leaders to remove a total of 300,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. This volume will make Carbon Capture Scotland one of the global leaders in high quality engineered carbon removal based on geological sequestration. This partnership, which will operate across Europe, has potential to reach megaton-scale carbon removal within the decade. 

The announcement is a pivotal development for the Scottish net zero strategy, which relies on carbon removal, or negative emissions, to achieve targets. 

Carbon Capture Scotland operates a pioneering end-to-end carbon removal offering, including capture, liquefaction, transport and sequestration of biogenic CO2. Earlier this year, the company announced major partnerships with Whyte & Mackay to capture biogenic CO2 from distilleries and with green investor Iona Capital to capture biogenic CO2 from biomethane plants. 

Ed and Richard Nimmons, co-founders of Carbon Capture Scotland, emphasised the importance of this achievement: “Securing storage at Stenlille is not just a milestone for our company; it’s a leap forward in the global effort to combat climate change. Our innovative approach to biogenic carbon removal, coupled with secure and sustainable storage solutions like Stenlille, is crucial in our mission to deliver high quality permanent removals to our customers. We look forward to permanently storing carbon in Denmark in 2026.”

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Landwärme is a pioneer in biogas upgrading as well as carbon removal coupled with bioenergy. The Germany-based company integrates carbon capture solutions with biomethane production. Since carbon capture is already part of the process, it provides significant environmental benefits, achieving negative emissions in a highly cost-efficient manner.

Zoltan Elek, CEO of Landwärme, commented: “We are thrilled to have reached another significant milestone in our carbon removal strategy. This collaboration marks our first geological storage project, allowing us to effectively extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It brings us one step closer to realising the climate neutrality targets as set by the international community.” 

This development is particularly significant for the carbon removal credits market. As companies worldwide seek effective ways to offset their carbon emissions, reliable and verifiable carbon storage solutions are increasingly in demand. The company’s efforts at Stenlille will play a vital role in generating high-quality carbon removal credits, which is essential for companies aiming to achieve their ambitious net-zero targets.

By focusing on biogenic sources, Carbon Capture Scotland is addressing CO2 emissions from organic processes, a crucial element in achieving broader climate goals. This innovative approach sets Carbon Capture Scotland apart as a pioneer in the field, contributing significantly to the development of net zero solutions for businesses.

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