Carbon Capture Inc And Partners To Receive $12.5M For Direct Air Capture Hub In Wyoming

Carbon Capture Inc And Partners To Receive $12.5M For Direct Air Capture Hub In Wyoming - Carbon Herald
Credit: Carbon Capture Inc

Carbon Capture Inc. – one of the largest direct air capture companies, and a team of strategic partners announced on August 22nd that they have been selected to receive $12.5 million in funding by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to initiate the development of a megaton-scale direct air capture (DAC) hub in Southwest Wyoming. 

The Wyoming Regional Direct Air Capture Hub is as one of five projects selected by DOE to receive support under Topic Area 2 (the design phase). Carbon Capture Inc. intends to develop the first phase of the hub alongside CO2 storage partner Frontier Carbon Solutions and CO2 utilization partner Twelve

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“We’re extremely grateful for the DOE’s support of our efforts to establish Wyoming as a global center of excellence for direct air capture… This funding will accelerate both the deployment of megaton-scale DAC capacity in Wyoming and the emergence of a new carbon management industry in the region,” commented Adrian Corless, CEO and CTO of Carbon Capture Inc. 

The first phase of the initiative includes a FEED study for a DAC facility that captures 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, an infrastructure plan for transporting captured CO2 to sequestration and utilization sites and a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant.

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Frontier Carbon Solutions will be responsible for the permanent sequestration of CO2 in geologic formations and the CO2 could also be used as a feedstock in the production of SAF by partner Twelve. Additional partners are the University of Wyoming, Fluor, Carbon Direct, INTERA, EPRI, Carbon-Based Consulting, Icarus, and Novus Energy Advisors.

The DAC hub also includes a comprehensive community benefits plan that encompasses investments in workforce development, support for Wyoming Tribes, conservation efforts, and community-backed infrastructure initiatives. A key objective of the project is to ensure that the emerging DAC industry aligns with the culture and values of Wyoming’s local communities.

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