Carbon Capture Filters Tested at South Korean Chemical Giant

Carbon Capture Filters Tested at South Korean Chemical Giant - Carbon Herald

Chemical Industry giant Lotte Chemical has announced a new CO2 utilization technology which uses carbon capture filters with gas separation membranes that converts excess carbon dioxide into materials that can be used in multiple industries.

A key part of this initiative is Airrane, the company providing the key technologies for the process. The latter provide the filter membranes made of different polymers which allow for a selective permeation of gases.

The company has installed this new generation membrane capture facility at its plant in Yeosu. If the test is successful a commercial facility is planned with the overall goal of capturing 60,000 tons of CO2 every year and utilize it as a polycarbonate raw material that has applications as a cleaning fluid for semiconductors, as well as dry ice production.

Hwang Jin-gu, CEO of Lotte Chemical’s Basic Material Business, said that “It is meaningful as we can draw changes for carbon neutrality with domestic technology to actively respond to global environmental regulations.”

LOTTE Chemical has an extensive product portfolio including polymers, monomers, basic petrochemical products, and megatrend products and is growing to become the Global Top 10 chemical company. based on the world-class production facilities and stable revenue generation.

There are many carbon capture filters being worked on across the globe, chemical engineers at the EPFL School of Basic Sciences have developed the world’s thinnest filter from graphene

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