Delta CleanTech Now Listed on Canadian Securities Exchange

Carbon Capture Delta CleanTech Now Listed on Canadian Securities Exchange - Carbon Herald

We reported earlier this year on the intentions of Delta CleanTech Inc. to become a publicly traded company, and now that day has come. On August 19th, Delta CleanTech announced that its common shares can now be bought and sold on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) – a new carbon capture stock available for investors.

The shares of the company can be found under the ticker symbol “DELT”.

Delta CleanTech Inc. has been one of the top providers of clean energy engineering solutions, and particularly is a technology industry leader in the field of carbon capture. In addition, thanks to its 15+ years of experience in the clean energy sector, the company has also excelled in the field of blue hydrogen.

Delta Carbon Capture Technology

Most notably, Delta has developed its very own revolutionary carbon capture system that is significantly more cost-efficient than other existing alternatives. The company’s system allows not only to capture CO2 emissions at lower costs but also improves the quality of the captured emissions.

For instance, Delta CleanTech’s CO2 Capture System is already used to capture carbon dioxide emitted from smokestacks, which can then be used for new carbon utilization tech.

Jeff Allison, the President of Delta CleanTech, along with Executive Chaiman Lionel Kambeitz, both expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for having reached this major accomplishment and important milestone in the company’s history.

And both spoke also on behalf of the other senior members of the team that they are very much looking forward to the opportunities that this new chapter for Delta will present in terms of helping the world become healthier and achieving a more sustainable future for the planet.

Since it was established in 2004, Delta CleanTech has put in an exceptional amount of effort to develop its processes and technologies and bring them to the global level that they are on now.

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