Carbon Capture Clusters In The UK Are Expanding With New Eni Partnership

Carbon Capture Clusters In The UK Are Expanding With Eni New Partnership - Carbon Herald

Eni – a global oil and gas player and Progressive Energy Limited – a developer of clean energy projects are facilitating carbon capture clusters in the UK. The two companies have joined forces to accelerate the HyNet North West carbon capture and storage deployment. 

Eni and Progressive Energy signed an agreement to develop and operate the CCS infrastructure of the carbon capture cluster in the North West area of the UK. Eni will deploy and maintain both the onshore and offshore transportation and storage of CO2 in Liverpool Bay. 

Progressive Energy will lead and coordinate the capture and hydrogen aspects of the HyNet North West project. The CO2 emissions of the production facilities in the area will be linked to Eni’s transportation and storage infrastructure. 

Eni has already signed a memorandum of understanding regarding CCS with multiple industrial companies willing to use HyNet North West carbon capture infrastructure. 

Carbon Capture Clusters In The UK Offer Great Potential

HyNet North West is one of the first carbon capture clusters in the UK, turning the North West into a hub for the low carbon economy future. It includes hydrogen production from natural gas and the building of the UK’s first carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure. 

The project has the potential to deliver over 25 million tons of CO2 emissions per year by 2035, saved permanently under the offshore Liverpool Bay area. The project is expendable and provides a model that can be replicated for similar initiatives across the country by other carbon capture companies. 

The CCS project has received a funding commitment of $102 million or £72m in March 2021. It includes $46 million from UK Research and Innovation via the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge fund and $55 million of contributions from the HyNet consortium. The investment for the carbon capture plant expansion is a critical step for scalability.

Eni has taken major steps in addressing the decarbonization needs of the UK, assisting in the development of the low carbon economy in the North West area. The CCS cluster is also an opportunity for future jobs growth and new technical skills development which will strongly position the UK in the net zero economy map. 

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