Carbon Business Council Publishes Marine CDR Issue Brief

Carbon Business Council Publishes Marine CDR Issue Brief - Carbon Herald

Today, the Carbon Business Council published an issue brief on Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (marine CDR or mCDR).

The issue brief outlines pathways that will allow for research, development, and deployment of different mCDR approaches and provides recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders from a working group of Carbon Business Council marine CDR member companies.

Due to its immense size, the ocean represents one of the most massive potentials as a carbon removal solution. 

The ocean’s power to remove vast quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can be harnessed in a variety of ways, many of which may also offer additional benefits, such as improving ocean health, contributing to sustainable economic development for coastal communities, and others. 

But the world is still a way’s off from being able to deploy such solutions at scale. 

This will require increased efforts in research and development, funding, as well as support from policymakers, which is what the issue brief aims to highlight. 

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Co-author of the issue brief and Executive Director of the Carbon Business Council, Ben Rubin told Carbon Herald: “The ocean experienced the warmest year on record in 2023, highlighting the importance of protecting and restoring ocean health. In the Carbon Business Council’s newest Issue Brief, we dive into the climate benefits of marine carbon removal when it is responsibility deployed and scaled.”

“The Issue Brief, developed by a working group of mCDR companies and nonprofits, highlights the opportunity, identifies pathways forward, and provides a set of focused recommendations,” Rubin said.

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