Carbon America To Develop First Carbon Capture Project In Nebraska

Carbon America To Develop First Carbon Capture Project In Nebraska - Carbon Herald
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Carbon America has just announced its new partnership with Bridgeport Ethanol, LLC to launch the first commercial carbon capture and storage project in Nebraska. 

As the first vertically integrated carbon capture super developer, Carbon America combines fast building speed and cost efficiency – two key factors necessary to scale CCS. 

Earlier this year, the company announced similar partnerships with two other ethanol producers in its home state of Colorado. 

This latest agreement with Bridgeport Ethanol will see the development of a carbon capture and sequestration facility capable of capturing 95% of the ethanol plant’s CO2 emissions and permanently storing them underground. 

Hence, the project’s capture and storage capacity is estimated to be 175,000 tons of CO2 per annum or the equivalent of the emissions of 38,043 passenger cars. 

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“And with new federal funding for carbon capture and sequestration projects – through the Inflation Reduction Act – carbon removal projects will play an even larger role helping the United States achieve our emission reduction goals,” said Brent Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon America

Nebraska is the nation’s second largest ethanol-producing state, making the new Carbon America project all the more significant.

Not only will it benefit the environment by preventing the release of planet-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it will also benefit local communities by increasing the plant’s competitiveness.

Furthermore, by marking such an important milestone for Nebraska, the carbon capture project will likely set the stage for the decarbonization of the state’s ethanol industry. 

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