Carbon America And NCCC To Test First Cryogenic CO2 Capture

Carbon America And NCCC To Test First Cryogenic Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

Carbon America, a vertically integrated company that develops technologies for capturing and storing carbon, is commencing innovative testing of its FrostCC TM cryogenic CO2 separation method at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC).

Carbon America‘s novel separation technology is a game changer in the field of carbon capture. The FrostCC technology utilizes cryogenic cooling to capture CO2 directly from industrial sources, providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional carbon capture methods.

Unlike traditional methods, FrostCC does not require any outside refrigerant to operate.

Instead, the technology involves compressing and expanding the flue gas flow with recuperative heat integration, resulting in a flue gas that cools itself. 

This innovative approach not only makes the process more energy efficient but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of carbon capture.

A key advantage of FrostCC is its ability to freeze CO₂ along with almost all other pollutants in the flue gas. The captured CO2 is then stored as a liquid, making it easier to transport and put away. 

This technology has the potential to significantly lower carbon emissions from a wide range of facilities, including fossil fuel power plants, cement factories, pulp and paper mills, iron and steel plants, and certain chemical manufacturing facilities. 

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Miles Abarr, the Chief Technology Officer at Carbon America, expressed excitement about testing their new FrostCC technology at the NCCC. In a statement, he shared that the cryogenic point-source capture system is cost-effective, able to be mass-produced, and consists of modular, scalable components.

He added that the technology doesn’t require added chemicals or water, and it runs on electricity, making it suitable for various industries and power plants.

By testing the FrostCC technology on a larger scale, Carbon America and the NCCC are paving the way for more widespread adoption of cryogenic carbon capture. If successful, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we collect and store CO2 emissions, making a lasting impact on the environment and our planet’s future.

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