Carbominer Selected For Funding Grant To Implement Direct Air Capture In Agriculture By EIC Accelerator

Carbominer Awarded Grant For Implementing Direct Air Capture In Agriculture By EIC Accelerator - Carbon Herald
Image: Carbominer

Ukrainian direct air capture (DAC) startup Carbominer has been selected for blended funding by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator to apply its technology in indoor agriculture.

“As a Ukrainian team committed to global environmental goals we are honored and excited to receive this grant support from the EIC Accelerator,” said Viktoria Oseyko, CMO at Carbominer. “This funding will empower us to pursue our mission of making Direct Air Capture technology accessible for any industry that needs it, while making indoor agriculture more sustainable and resilient.”

The EIC Accelerator is an EU funding program with a focus on supporting technological and innovative SME’s and is part of the broader Horizon Europe initiative which has a €95.5 billion ($103 billion) budget.

The funding will go towards scaling Carbominer’s pilot unit to 50 tons and trial its use for improving crop growth in greenhouses. The startup’s pilot machine had a capacity of one ton and went through successful trials in August 2023 in Vienna.

The announcement follows the participation of the company in the Google Startups for Sustainable Development program, which is still ongoing, as well as in the remove Carbon Removal accelerator.

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This is also not the first time an EU program has provided support for the company. In 2022 the startup received a €48,000 ($51,300) grant from EBRD.

The funding itself is another potential sign that DAC might be picking up momentum in the region. Viktoria Oseyko pointed this out by saying: “This funding marks the first-ever Europe-wide public funding given to DAC startups. We do believe it is a pivotal moment for Direct Air Capture in the European Union. We can only hope it can lead to more and more awareness of the Direct Air Capture technology and funding for the hardware technological startups aiming to utilize it and develop an efficient way to solve climate challenges.”

The company’s technology has a unique integration of dry and wet capture techniques, leading to improved efficiency when compared to many other DAC approaches. Another advantage of this method is that it employs electrochemical regeneration to release CO2, allowing it to use intermittent renewable energy during overproduction times.

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