Carbominer Completes Pilot Demonstration Of 1-Ton Direct Air Capture Machine In Vienna

Carbominer Completes Pilot Demonstration of 1-Ton Direct Air Capture Machine in Vienna - Carbon Herald

Direct air capture (DAC) startup Carbominer announced it has completed a successful pilot demonstration of their one-ton DAC machine. The demonstration happened in collaboration with a corporate partner in Vienna, Austria. 

According to Carbominer, the pilot partner, which remains undisclosed, played a pivotal role in supporting the successful trial. They offered their facilities, and engaged a third-party organization to conduct impartial measurements, all of which were essential components of the deployment’s success. 

“This milestone would not have been possible without the valuable support and expertise of our pilot partner,”  said Nick Oseyko, Founder & CEO of Carbominer. “We are determined to work together to strengthen the collaborative effort to build greener future.”

Carbominer’s DAC technology shows significant promise across a range of domains, spanning from indoor agriculture to construction settings, Oseyko said. While not yet matching the scale of DAC industry frontrunners, Carbominer has managed to achieve a more economical capture cost of $580 per ton, with intentions to drive this cost down even more in the future, the CEO added. 

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Carbominer’s DAC technology has garnered attention for its unique integration of dry and wet capture techniques, resulting in better efficiency compared to the majority of established DAC technologies, which typically rely solely on one of these methods. 

During the regeneration stage, the technology employs electrochemical regeneration – a method considered highly promising within the industry – to release carbon dioxide. This second phase allows the startup to utilize intermittent renewable energy during the hours of overproduction, when energy costs are lower. 

Carbominer is currently preparing for the next phase of the pilot collaboration. The startup is planning to scale up its DAC technology to a 50-ton annual capacity, aiming for broad adoption across diverse industries and regions.

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