CarbiCrete And Lafarge To Scale Carbon-Negative Concrete Production

CarbiCrete And Lafarge To Scale Carbon-Negative Concrete Production - Carbon Herald

CarbiCrete announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Lafarge Canada, a leader in innovative and sustainable building materials, for the processing of steel slag, the key material in its carbon-negative concrete block technology.

The Lafarge team will process the material, a steel-making byproduct which often goes to landfills, at its St. Constant – Montreal East manufacturing facility.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and leading the way in sustainable construction,” expressed Andrew Stewart, Vice-President of Cement at Lafarge Canada (East). “Our partnership with CarbiCrete is a testament to our dedication to offering sustainable solutions and actively participating in the circular economy.”

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CarbiCrete’s patented slag-based process involves curing concrete blocks with carbon dioxide, which is mineralized and permanently removed from the atmosphere.

The company’s technology is currently being used by Canadian hardscape manufacturer Patio Drummond to produce carbon-negative blocks in Drummondville, Quebec.

“Collaborating with Lafarge allows us to leverage long-established infrastructure and years of expertise in processing steel-related byproducts,” says CarbiCrete CEO Chris Stern. “This enables us to make an immediate climate impact as we scale the deployment of our technology which reduces embodied carbon in concrete by both avoiding emissions and removing carbon through mineralization.”

With a shared commitment to sustainability and innovative construction solutions, CarbiCrete and Lafarge aim to re-shape the construction industry by reducing embodied carbon in the built environment through the production and use of decarbonized concrete.

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