Carbfix Launches Carbon Capture Plant In Iceland

Carbfix Launches Carbon Capture Plant In Iceland - Carbon Herald
Nesjavellir geothermal power station, Iceland. Image: javarman/Shutterstock

Carbfix Iceland has announced that its new pilot carbon capture and storage (CCS) site at ON Power’s geothermal power plant at Nesjavellir, Iceland is now operational. Injection of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfude (H2S) has began at the site.

The plant’s launch follows in-depth research and development carried out within the EU Horizon2020 project GECO that aimed to improve the Carbfix technology. The pilot site could be moved to different locations for other future pilot projects.  

The plant aims to increase the carbon capture efficiency of the Carbfix technology, and to allow for other permanent CCS projects at Nesjavellir, which is Iceland’s second largest geothermal plant. Mannvit Consulting Engineers, Verkís Consulting Engineers and Héðinn collaborated on the design and construction of the power site. 

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The project is an important step towards the goal of bringing down the carbon emissions of geothermal power sites, an integral component of Iceland’s climate targets. 

The power site in Nesjavellir captures all H2S that flows through it and as much as 98% of the carbon dioxide. The site’s annual capture capacity is 3,000 tons of carbon and 1,000 tons of hydrogen sulfude, or about 20% of the power plant’s annual emissions.  

The captured carbon is injected underground at the Nesjavellir injection plant. The CO2 then reacts with the bedrock to form stable carbonate minerals. A full-scale carbon capture plant, based on this pilot, is set to become operational at Nesjavellir by the end of the decade, with the aim to bring its CO2 and H2S footprints to almost zero.

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