Carbfix And ÍSOR To Collaborate On Carbon Capture And Storage

Carbfix And ÍSOR To Collaborate On Carbon Capture And Storage - Carbon Herald

Carbfix – the company that disposes of CO2 by turning it into rock and ÍSOR – an Icelandic geothermal expert, has signed an agreement to further collaborate in the field of carbon capture and storage. 

The goal of the agreement is to join efforts and strengthen their specialization in carbon disposal and permanent storage of emissions. The two companies are already working together on research projects in the field of carbon storage. 

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For several years now, Carbfix and ÍSOR have collaborated on site selection for carbon dioxide injection, various measurements, drilling consulting, seismic research, chemical research, and the development of research methods at ÍSOR’s laboratory. 

Further collaboration is now planned in the field of data collection and analysis, feasibility studies related to the technology that Carbfix has developed and will continue to develop.

Carbfix uses technology that tackles climate change by storing carbon emissions via mineralization for lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The company partners with Climeworks for the capture of emissions directly from the air. 

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Carbfix then collects the carbon dioxide and mixes it with water and other elements. The water is stored underground where the CO2 dissolved in the mixture binds with the rocks below and creates carbonates with time. The technology imitates a natural process but the time it takes for the injected carbon to mineralize is two years rather than decades. 

ÍSOR has more than 75 years of experience in earth sciences, mapping, research, and consulting on the sustainable use of terrestrial resources. The institute also has decades of experience in teaching and training in this field. The two companies possess the niche expertise to challenge storage of CO2 emissions to achieve efficient and reliable sequestration.

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