CapturePoint To Invest In Louisiana CCS Infrastructure

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Texas-based CapturePoint LLC has announced its final decision to invest in carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure in Louisiana. 

Namely, the investments will be geared towards the Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub (CENLA Hub). 

CapturePoints has geologic storage sites for captured CO2 emissions in the CENLA Hub that may prove to be among the largest underground carbon sequestration centers in all of the US. 

Potentially, the storage sites may be able to store tens of millions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. 

In June 2022, CapturePoint filed for an EPA Class VI permit to move forward with the development of the first sequestration wells in the hub, with a permit application for a second well said to be filed this year. 

If the company is granted these permits, the CENLA Hub project will be able to proceed with its first phase, which involves capturing CO2 from natural gas plants and other industrial emitters in Louisiana and transporting it via pipeline to the underground storage sites. 

CapturePoint’s final investment decision spotlights our expectations that the CENLA Hub will become one of the most important carbon storage projects in the nation,” said Tracy Evans, CEO of CapturePoint.

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