Capture6 Breaks Ground On Its New DAC+Water Treatment Project, Announces New Partnership

Capture6 Breaks Ground On Its New DAC+Water Treatment Project, Announces New Partnership - Carbon Herald

Capture6, a carbon capture and carbon removal solutions provider, announced a few developments last week that help deploy its novel CDR technologies. The company is unique compared to other carbon capture companies on the market as it offers joint removal and decarbonization solutions.

Its process integrates direct air capture technology with water treatment facilities to permanently remove CO2 from the air while recovering freshwater from the salty brine waste of the water treatment facilities. It can also provide an ocean alkalinity enhancement to increase the impact of the direct air capture process and provide permanent sequestration of CO2. 

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Capture6 announced a global collaboration agreement with Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, a global player in solving the toughest water, wastewater and process challenges, to deploy carbon removal facilities with integrated water management systems.

Capture6’ direct air capture (DAC) technology requires saltwater to create its carbon removal solvent. It partners with water treatment facilities and repurposes existing industrial-scale technologies to recover freshwater from desalination waste brine for drinking and industrial purposes while simultaneously capturing CO2 and reducing waste brine. 

Credit: Capture6 website

“With Capture6, there will be zero discharge of brine… This provides us with a lot of resilience. It looks like our savings will be about 20% to 40% for the lifetime of the cost of the project,” commented California’s Palmdale Water District Engineering Manager Scott Rogers. 

“Our solution was developed after closely looking at the major cost drivers of direct air carbon capture systems and working hard to eliminate them… Veolia has unique advantages integrating water treatment solutions  that makes them the ideal partner,” also added Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole, CEO and co-founder of Capture6. 

Capture6 also announced the launch of its new “Project Monarch” – a water management integrated with direct air capture equipment on the Pure Water Antelope Valley (AV) Demonstration Facility. The facility is a project by Palmdale Water District (PWD) that aims to provide drought-resilient water supply to help replenish Antelope Valley’s groundwater basin.

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Project Monarch will integrate Capture6’ direct air capture technology with Palmdale Water District’s (PWD) water management technology. The facility will enable water recovery from effluent brine while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Project Monarch is deemed to recover more than 50% of the input brine as freshwater and yield savings in the range of 20% to 40% for the lifetime of the cost of the Pure Water Antelope Valley (AV) Demonstration project.

“We’re thrilled to work with Palmdale Water District on this innovative project that addresses PWD’s local needs in terms of brine management and freshwater production, while drawing carbon out of the atmosphere,” said Ethan Cohen-Cole, CEO of Capture6.

“Elemental invests in projects that make communities cleaner, healthier, safer, and more affordable. Project Monarch delivers on all of the above by removing carbon from the atmosphere while providing a new source of clean water, removing a harmful waste stream, and reducing costs for Palmdale This project can serve as a proof point for an entire industry.,” said Danya Hakeem, Vice President of Portfolio at Elemental Excelerator.

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