Capture6 And Pilot Energy Sign MOU On Decarbonization Pilot In Australia

Capture6 And Pilot Energy Sign MOU On Decarbonization Pilot In Australia - Carbon Herald

Capture6 and Pilot Energy have announced a new strategic partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on a decarbonization project in West Australia. 

The partnership will involve evaluating the potential integration of Capture6’s combined water production and Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology into Pilot’s Mid West Clean Energy Project (MWCEP)

The beginning of the collaboration will be marked by Project Wallaby, an initial showcase facility that will be introduced by Capture6. This first stage of the partnership will act as a trial run, aiming to develop into a complete facility in the future.

Brad Lingo, Chairman of Pilot Energy, stated that the MWCEP project will have a big impact on aiding Western Australia in achieving its carbon emissions goals and addressing issues related to water scarcity in the area.

He adds, “Integrating Capture6’s innovative DAC and water recovery technologies into our model decarbonization initiative will position the country at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions and water management practices.”

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As part of the shared project, Capture6 will utilize its innovative water recovery technology to contribute to the production of additional clean water for the MWCEP and its surrounding areas. 

By working together, the two companies will produce green hydrogen, where Capture6 will target the reduction of CO2 emissions at the facility and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Capture6 will also manage the water produced by Pilot Energy’s carbon storage initiatives.

The advanced technology of Capture6 is projected to improve operational efficiencies and greatly decrease expenses related to brine management for the MWCEP, which aims to produce 1.2 million tonnes of clean ammonia per year.

Through this collaboration, Capture6 and Pilot Energy are poised to lead the way in implementing decarbonization initiatives that support Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy. 

By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, the partners are well-positioned to drive positive environmental impact and sustainable growth in the energy sector.

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