Capsol Technologies And EEW Sign Contract For CapsolGo® Demonstration 

Capsol Technologies And EEW Sign Contract For CapsolGo® Demonstration - Carbon Herald

Capsol Technologies announced on May 11 the company has signed a 5-month contract for the delivery of a CapsolGo® demonstration campaign at EEW’s Energy-from-Waste site in Hannover, Germany. 

The CapsolGo® demonstration campaign will include a testing and validation program that will allow EEW to receive data and information on the CapsolEoP™ (End-of-Pipe) capture technology. The unit is currently being further upgraded to achieve higher energy efficiency, and once finished, it will be transported to EEW’s Hannover plant for operations, which are set to start during the third quarter of 2023.

“We’re pleased to announce the third order in Germany for a CapsolGo® demonstration campaign and to start working with EEW, one of the country’s largest EfW companies,” said  Philipp Staggat, Chief Product Officer of Capsol Technologies. “This is a clear sign that the German market is seriously preparing for the implementation of full-scale carbon capture plants and that our energy-efficient and environmentally friendly offerings are competitive.”

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EEW has 17 locations across Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The company processes 5 million metric tons of waste annually. About half of that waste consists of biogenic waste and the rest consists of fossil components. Approximately 2 million tons of carbon are produced during the thermal treatment of fossil waste. 

The CO2 capture potential of the Hanover plant, including the 50% share of biogenic carbon, is 280 000 tons annually. The EEW sites generate process steam for industrial plants, district heating for residential areas, and sustainable power for about 720,000 households.

EEW’s COO Dr. Joachim Manns said the company is committed to a sustainable circular economy, and CO2 utilization and storage will play an important role in reducing emissions. 

An independent third party will deliver the CapsolGo® demonstration campaign. 

Germany is the largest Energy-from-Waste market in the European Union with about 100 plants turning 46 million tons of non-recyclable waste into heat and electricity per year. During the first quarter of 2023, Capsol Technologies opened an office in Berlin to strengthen the company’s positions in Germany.

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