Capital Maritime Orders Two Large LCO2 Carriers

Capital Maritime Orders Two Large LCO2 Carriers - Carbon Herald
Source: Sven Hansche via Shutterstock

Greek ship operator Capital Maritime Group has ordered two large liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) carriers from HD Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE).

The two carriers will each be 160 meters (525 feet) long and will have the capacity to hold up to 22,000 cubic meters of CO2 each.

Both ships are set to be built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan, Korea, and are expected to be delivered in phases in the latter half of 2025.

In addition to LCO2, the two carriers ordered by Capital Maritime will also be able to transport other liquefied gases, such as ammonia and LPG.

Furthermore, both vessels will also be equipped with engines that are compatible with ammonia fuel and will be able to run on such fuel in the future.

Experts believe that with the increasing demand for carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions, the need for transportation over sea is bound to increase as well, hence we are yet to see more demand for LCO2 carriers.

A spokesperson for HD KSOE confirmed this and went on to say: ““We will lead this market based on our achievements in technological developments that we have preemptively accumulated.”

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