Cannabis Absorbs Double The Amount Of CO2 Than Trees!

Cannabis Absorbs Double The Amount Of CO2 Than Trees! - Carbon Herald
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Cannabis plants have been found to absorb more than twice the amount of CO2 than your average trees, making them an important potential solution to the climate crisis. 

Different studies have come to the same conclusion with some pointing to the fact that cannabis is between two and three times more effective at capturing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than most trees.

The CO2 absorbed by hemp is stored within its fibers that are used to produce an array of products, ranging from car parts to medicines, clothes and beyond. 

A recent study by Hudson Carbon, a New York research center that is focused on carbon storage, suggests that 1 acre of cannabis plants can absorb over 7 tons of carbon dioxide from the air and store up to 3 of those tons. 

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa and is distinct from the marijuana subspecies, which contains significantly higher levels of the psychoactive compound THC.

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The cannabis plant is known not only for pulling CO2 from the atmosphere but also absorbing toxins from both the air and soil, including heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

With that in mind, founder and president of Hudson Carbon reckons that if the US were to plant 50 million acres of hemp, ‘a couple hundred million tons of carbon’ could be sequestered every year from that acreage alone. 

Furthermore, hemp requires much less water than most other crops, such as cotton, for example, which calls for a minimum of 1,500 gallons of water for every pound, whereas the cannabis plant requires less than half of that amount to grow. 

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  1. Hello, this is a beautiful topic that I want to learn more about! May i ask to write the name of study article?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Nice theory, but far away from reality. Sequestering is not storing. And what about permanence and additionality? If you grow 50 million acres, you need to process hemp from 50 million acres. Today’s total processing capacity in the US is less than 200.000 acres. Growing by not more than 10.000 acres per year. There is actually a 50% drop in hemp acreage in 2023, due to high market prices of other commodities. Hemp has a climate-case, but not a business case right now.

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