Canadians Want Carbon Tax To Be Removed From Home Heating Bills

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A recent poll showed that more than half of Canadians want the carbon tax to be removed from their home heating bills. 

The poll was conducted across Canada, showing a consensus in every region, with a total of 57% of the nation believing the federal government should not tax people for heating their homes. 

Franco Terrazzano, Federal Direct of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), which commissioned the Leger poll, urged the Canadian government to take these numbers into consideration and “take the carbon tax off of home heating bills.”

As it were, the federal government already promised to remove the carbon tax from home heating oil over the course of 3 years, however, so far only about 3% of households have been affected by the measure.

Furthermore, the poll sought to showcase the public’s opinion on having the carbon tax removed from all forms of heating energy and paints a clear picture of where the majority of Canadians stand on this matter. 

Quebes saw the lowest number of supporters, with only 50% of citizens in favor of removing the carbon tax on heating altogether, whereas the highest support was shown in British Columbia and Atlantic Canada with 64% and 66%, respectively. 

These numbers were followed by 60% support in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 58% in Ontario and 54% in Alberta.

Terrazzano also pointed out that with over 20% of Canadians having yet to form an opinion on the matter, there is a strong likelihood that the number of those opposing the carbon tax will only continue to grow. 

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