Canadian Government Funds AZETEC Hydrogen Station Program

Canadian Government Funds AZETEC Hydrogen Station Program - Carbon Herald

The Government of Canada announced a $2.3 million investment in a hydrogen fueling station for a commercial fleet in Alberta, Canada. The project is called Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC) and led by the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA).

The partnering companies that will also be working together on the new project include Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corporation, Bison Transport, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research, and Zen Clean Energy Solutions. These, along with several others, will be overseeing the operation of long-range fuel cell electric trucks going to and from Edmonton and Calgary.

Funding for AZETEC was secured via a federal program, the aim of which is to usher cutting-edge clean energy technologies into the broader market.

In addition, the project attracted the attention of other large companies such as Dana Inc. and Emissions Reduction Alberta that together brought the investment to a total of $9.2 million.

The project is set to build and test a hydrogen fueling station that will tackle difficulties fueling cell electric vehicles. Some of the main barriers on the path of this technology are severe climate conditions, such as temperature ranges from -40°F to 104°F (-40°C to +40°C).

Once launched, AZETEC will be among the first projects of its kind to pave the way toward reducing the carbon footprint of the commercial freight transportation industry. With prices of hydrogen set to drop, and especially that of green hydrogen, this project will provide a benchmark for the feasability of wide-spread adoption of hydrogen as a fuel.

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