Canada Raises Its Carbon Tax To $80 Per Ton

Canada Raises Its Carbon Tax To $80 Per Ton - Carbon Herald
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The national tax on carbon pollution in Canada has just been increased, along with the money the government sends back to Canadians. The price per metric ton of CO2 went up from $65 to $80.

It’s important to note that this increase does not apply equally everywhere in the country. 

Residents of Quebec, the territories, and British Columbia have their own separate systems and don’t receive federal rebates.

In the rest of Canada, people will pay a bit more for fuel due to the higher carbon price. 

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To help offset this cost, the federal government gives rebates to families and individuals. These rebates, recently renamed the Canadian Carbon Rebate, have also increased.

To get a rebate, residents need to file their income taxes, after which the money is sent to their bank account electronically or mailed as a check. 

Rebates are issued every three months, with the next payment coming as early as mid-April.

This latest increase will see a rise in fuel prices of 3.3 cents per liter, whereas since the federal carbon tax was introduced in 2019, prices on fuel have increased 17.6 cents per liter of gasoline.

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The move has already triggered pushback in Calgary, where protesters have organized a rally on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Another 14 similar events took place yesterday across Canada, signaling noticeable public dissatisfaction with the higher carbon tax. 

One of the organizations spearheading the protests is called Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax and is calling for the complete removal of the tax ‘without replacement by any other form of taxation.’

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