Canada Nickel Reveals Unexpectedly Good Carbon Capture Test Results

Carbon Nickel Reveals Unexpectedly Good Carbon Capture Test Results - Carbon Herald
Source: T. Schneider via Shutterstock

Canada Nickel just announced the positive test results for its new carbon capture process. 

The tests revealed a higher than expected storage capacity of 1 million metric tons of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of 7% of Canada’s total carbon removal goal – and that at just one site. 

Namely, the tests were conducted at the Crawford nickel project near Timmins, Ontario, and aimed to assess the efficacy of Canada Nickel’s novel process known as in-process tailings (IPT) carbonation.

The process involves briefly injecting captured CO2 into tailings from the milling process, while they are still in the processing circuit, as opposed to after they’ve been deposited – and it is already on the radars of several big multinational companies. 

Canada Nickel CEO Mark Selby commented on the successful carbon capture test results: “We believe the IPT carbonation process has transformative potential for the company.”

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